Boost your marks and confidence at school with year 10-12 tutoring in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Through our Proactive Learning System™ students gain extensive knowledge before it's taught at school in a way that's structured, simplified and easy to understand.

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The Peak Formula

Proactive Learning + Inspirational Teachers + Comprehensive Resources =
Outstanding Results

How we help our students
reach their peak

Pro-active LearningTM

Advance one term ahead

No more playing catch-up. Gain extensive knowledge before its taught at school in a way that’s structured, simplified and easy to understand.

Inspirational Teachers

Learn from the best, first

Gain in-depth knowledge from inspirational teachers who explain difficult concepts simply, in a way you understand.

Comprehensive Resources

Everything you need in one place

From structured theory books to exam style questions. Perfect your exam technique with work book questions that condition you to the same style and structure of exam papers.

Individual Support

Understand with Clarity

Bridge the gap in your knowledge with free one-to-one tutorials (workshops). Polish your approach with tutors who don’t just tutor, but mentor you too.

Our Courses

We'll help you achieve and exceed your ATAR goals.

Term Course

Advance ahead during the term

Holiday Course

Advance ahead during the holidays

Exam Prep Course

Comprehensive exam revision

Results that speak for themselves

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students from 60+ schools

“I improved significantly during my time at Peak through the help and guidance I received from the Maths Methods term course.”

Christopher – Carine Senior High School

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