Year 11 Maths Applications Holiday Revision

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A clear roadmap of distinct theory and concepts taught in the maths advance course. Perfect guide and checklist for test and exam preparation.

Daily Theory Booklet

Structured theory booklet of detailed and simplified course concepts. Concepts are thoroughly detailed and broken down into bite sized pieces for ease of understanding and clarity on steps for you to master.

Daily Work Booklet

Structured work booklet of carefully selected exam style questions to familiarise you to the style and rigour of commonly assessed questions.

Daily Quiz

Short daily quiz to assess student understanding and progress each week.

Reference Notes

Summary notes of all key concepts covered in our theory booklet. A great tool to have next to you while practicing and studying.

Test Preparation Kits

Online test preparation kits accessible via our peak LMS. Complete practice paper questions under timed conditions and keep track of your progress.

Maths Applications
Year 11 Holiday Course Program

Get a whole term ahead and stay there.
Below are our maths applications term course dates.

  • Maths Apps, Term 1 - Jan Holidays
  • Maths Apps, Term 2 - Apr Holidays
  • Maths Apps, Term 3 - Jul Holidays
  • Maths Apps, Term 4 - Oct Holidays

Maths Applications
Lesson Structure

Review & Quiz

20 mins

Revision and progress check
We start with a review of the previous weeks lesson and undertake a quiz to check in on students understanding and progress.

Theory and Concepts

20 mins

Theory and Course Concepts
Students explore course concepts in bite sized pieces so that it is manageably understood. Concepts are well structured and delivered.

Practice & Problem Solving

40 mins

Practice and Problem Solving
Students engage in graded practice questions to reinforce their understanding of concepts taught and move into exam style questions to perfect their exam technique.


10 mins

Summary & Questions
The teacher summarises the lesson, answers any student questions and provides a sneak peak into the following weeks lesson.

Maths Applications
Year 11 Holiday Course Pricing


Maths Applications

$675 per term (inc. GST)
What's included:

9 days of 1.5 hour lessons

Exclusive Peak resources

Access to free one to one tutorials

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