Maths Applications Year 11 Term Course

Get a head start and build a
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Learn in-depth knowledge and cover every syllabus check point to a
full mark’s standard.

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What our Maths Applications
students will develop

No more boring power points

Engaging Theory

Gain in-depth knowledge with engaging theory lessons. Learn from inspirational teachers who explain concepts clearly, even the difficult stuff, so you’ll enjoy more ‘aha!’ moments.

Stop memorising everything

Work with clarity

Lift-up your confidence and sharpen your exam technique with step-by-step guidance from syllabus experts. Discover key concepts behind theory and never make the same mistake twice.

Inspirational Teachers

Exceptional Results

Build a success mindset with teachers who take you further. Gain an in-depth understanding of your subject to a full mark standard and set yourself up to win.

What our
Maths Applications students
will receive

Comprehensive Theory Book

200+ pages of carefully structured theory that covers the entire Maths Application syllabus to a full mark standard. Filled with structured charts, step-by-step examples, common exam questions with full-working solutions.

Exam-style Work Book

150+ pages of exam-style questions that reinforces and consolidates work covered in class each week. A perfect tool to sharpen your exam technique.

Weekly Quiz

A quiz that assesses newly learned knowledge and skills each week. Track your progress and know exactly what you need to work on.

Topic Test

A topic test held under strict-assessment conditions at the end of each topic that proactively addresses any roadblocks

Test Prep Kit

A structured prep kit of the challenging assessment questions organised into syllabus checkpoints for extended revision before the final test.

Exclusive Online Resources

Exclusive access to our famous peak archives of past topic tests, exam papers and summary notes via our online portal.

Maths Applications
Year 11 Term Course Program

Get a whole term ahead and stay there.

  • Peak Term 1 - Oct - Dec
  • Peak Term 2 - Feb - Apr
  • Peak Term 3 - Apr - Jun
  • Peak Term 4 - Jul - Sep

3 Hour Lesson Breakdown

Weekly Quiz/ Discussion

30 mins

Review. Weekly Quiz. Overview
Teacher revises the previous lesson and answers any work book questions, before the weekly quiz.

Theory Part 1

65 mins

Gain in-depth knowledge & understanding
Teacher explains key concepts to a full mark’s standard – reinforced by exam style questions, peak tips and study strategies.


10 mins

Theory Part 2

65 mins

Gain in-depth knowledge & understanding
Teacher explains key concepts to a full mark’s standard – reinforced by exam style questions, peak tips and study strategies.


10 mins

Summary & Questions
Students ask any questions to clarify understanding.

Maths Applications
Year 11 Term Course Pricing


Maths Applications

$45 x 3 Hours x 9 Lessons
$1215 per term (inc. GST)
What you will get

Classes taught by an experienced inspirational teacher

200+ page theory book of carefully structured syllabus theory

150+ page workbook of exam style questions to sharpen your exam technique

Structured test prep kit of challenging questions

Complementary one-one tutorials to target your individual learning needs

Exclusive online access to tests, exams and simplified notes

Results that speak for themselves

Loved by 1200+
students from 60+ schools

“The most effective form of study involves early preparation, practice and commitment. When students learn ahead, they effectively treat time at school as revision. This provides students with a significant learning advantage”

Tristan Geiles – Founder, Peak Education

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