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Passionate Math Teachers

Engage with passionate math teachers and grasp complex exam concepts more easily. Surprise everyone with your new scores, including yourself.

Structured exam resources

Receive carefully designed exam materials. Developed by experienced Peak teachers who understand the WA curriculum to a full marks standard, and can help you do the same.

Inspirational study coaches

Work one to one with inspirational study coaches who can help you take control of your exam studies and unlock your highest potential.

Peak resources you'll receive


Exam Prep Course Roadmap

A structured roadmap of distinct concepts you need to know for your exam.

Exam Prep Booklet

Structured exam prep booklet of simplified theory and concepts. Concepts are thoroughly detailed and broken down into bite sized pieces for ease of understanding and revision.

Reference Notes

Summary notes of all key concepts covered in the exam. A great tool to have next to you while practicing and revising for your exams.

Exam Preparation Kits

Online exam preparation kits accessible via our peak LMS. A great too to practice exam style questions under timed conditions to measure your progress.

Maths Specialist
Year 11 Exam Prep Course Program

Take control of your exam preparation.

  • Semester 1 Exam Revision - April
  • Semester 2 Exam Revision - October

Your performance, is our performance.

Maths Specialist
Year 11 Exam Prep Course Pricing


Maths Specialist

$550 per subject (inc. GST)
What's included:

Specialist Teacher

Study Coaching

Exceptional Resources


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