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We’re on a mission to help students take control of their studies and achieve their academic goals. Our unique philosophy, principles, pro-active learning system, comprehensive resources and team values enables students in Years 10-12 to achieve or exceed their academic goals and prepares them for a life of achievement beyond school.

Our roles we offer

We’re looking for truly gifted people to join our passionate team and help us empower the next generation to make their impact and achieve their ultimate legacy.

Our Roles

Teachers (WACE Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Peak teachers inspire, lead and facilitate the delivery of fun and engaging theory lessons.

Tutors (WACE Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Peak tutors guide and mentor students through one-one tutorials (workshops).

Instructional Designers (WACE Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Peak instructional designers plan, strategise and build high-quality Peak Education course materials.

Our ethos

“When we work together and do what’s right, we win.

This fills our world with meaning and makes what we do, fun!”

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If you would like to work with a vibrant, innovative and purpose driven team that is setting new industry standards in education, please apply by submitting your resume and cover letter to us below. Once applied, you will be contacted regarding the next step.

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We are looking for a passionate people who are just as driven as we are to empower the next generation. If any of our exciting roles sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

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I really responded to the engaging teaching style. I liked how the lessons covered both theory and exam techniques to maximise our marks. After my first lesson I was confident I was in the right hands.

Rodas – Methodist Ladies College

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