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How does a free trial work?

1. Request a free trial

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We will contact you within 24 hours with dates and times that are available.

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The Peak Advantage

How our students achieve success

Proactive Learning™

Our proactive learning model advances students one term ahead of the school curriculum.

Inspirational Teachers

Peak teachers have vast classroom teaching experience and hold degree and doctorates in their field.

WACE Syllabus Focus™

Our teaching program covers the full WACE syllabus prescribed by SCSA.

Comprehensive Resources

Each week students receive concise and comprehensive resources written by experience academics and WACE instructional designers.

Exam Readiness

All course materials are designed to translate knowledge and understanding into exam excellence.

Weekly Reporting

Weekly tracking of grades and feedback keep students in control of their learning.

Individual Support

Free one-one tutorials (workshops) provide learning tailored to individual needs.

Learning Community

Courses are delivered in a relaxed, energised and welcoming learning environment.

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Why would I take up a trial?

A trial is an easy way to be confident that you will be able to achieve your goals with Peak.
You'll be able to check out our quality resources and learn from our Inspirational teachers. In short
you can test everything without worrying about being committed or paying anything.

How does a Free Trial Lesson work?

Attend a class to see how we can help you learn. If you love it (and we know you will), you can
enrol for the whole term!

What happens if the class I'm after is full?

Its not uncommon that our classes are full. In this case, we'll try our best to offer you some alternatives.

How many Free Trial Lessons can I attend?

New students are eligible for one trial lesson per subject.

Will I get resources for a Free Trial Lesson?

You will provided the lesson booklet and other required learning material at the beginning of the trial lesson. You will not provided the course file or access to our online learning system until you enrol.

What happens after my free trial lesson?

Let us know if you would like to join us for the term. But be quick. We don't hold spaces.

Does attending a Free Trial Lesson secure my spot in the class?

No, only enrollment will secure your spot in the class. If a class is full we do our best to offer alternatives that work for you. It is always best to book as quick as you can to avoid missing out.

Do trials apply to workshop tutorials?

Trial lessons do not apply to one-one workshop tutorials as these are intensive sessions specifically targeted to a students individual learning needs. Our trial lesson only applies to group lessons.

Do I need to pay before the trial?

Not at all. The trial is obligation free.

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Tristan Geiles – Founder, Peak Education

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