Why Peak

Our unique philosophy, principles, pro-active learning system and team values are fundamental in delivering exceptional academic success for our students.

The Peak Advantage

How our students achieve success

Proactive Learning™

Our proactive learning model advances students one term ahead of the WA school curriculum.

Inspirational Teachers

Peak teachers have vast classroom teaching experience and hold degree and doctorates in their field.

WACE Syllabus Focus

Our teaching program covers the full WACE syllabus prescribed by SCSA.

Comprehensive Resources

Each week students receive concise and comprehensive resources written by experience academics and WACE instructional designers.

Exam Readiness

All course materials are designed to translate knowledge and understanding into exam excellence.

Weekly Reporting

Weekly tracking of grades and feedback keep students in control of their learning.

Individual Support

Free one-one tutorials (workshops) provide learning tailored to individual needs.

Learning Community

Courses are delivered in a relaxed, energised and welcoming learning environment.

Students are the
centre of our universe.

Peak Philosophy & Principles

The philosophy and principles that underpin our mission are contained in the letters P-E-A-K.

P is for Purpose

Each Peak student learns how to clarify their chosen purpose and pathway in life. Students develop a deep understanding of the importance of their work with absolute belief they can make a difference in the world.

E is for Essentials

Each Peak student acquires the essential mindset needed to achieve success in an increasingly innovative and globalising world.

A is for Acceptance

Each Peak student learns how to accept individual ownership and take control of their studies. Students set their own goals, manage their efforts, assess their progress, and persevere to completion.

K is for Knowledge

Each Peak student gains true knowledge and understanding to a high standard so that they can clearly explain it to others.

Students go further with PEAK principles.

Peak Proactive Learning SystemTM

Used in conjunction with our P-E-A-K philosophy and principles, our proactive learning model enables students to pro-actively learn one term ahead of the standard WA school curriculum.

This ensures peak students are always one term ahead of their peers and enables students to use school time as reinforcement of what they have already learnt at Peak Education.

This is key to building confidence and knowledge, which in turn increases fulfilment and delivers outstanding results.

“The most effective form of study involves early preparation, practice and commitment. When students learn ahead, they effectively treat time at school as revision. This provides students with a significant learning advantage”

Tristan Geiles Founder, Peak Education

Peak's Proactive Learning ModelTM

Our Proactive Learning Model™ delivers superior results when compared to the School Only Model or traditional School + Tutor Model as shown below:

School Only Model

Reactive School + Tutor Model

and values

To deliver peak performance in our students, all our teachers, tutors and academic advisors are experienced educators and peak performers in their own right.

Our peak values shine through all of our team members whose mission is to empower students to achieve their academic goals and live a life with purpose.

  • Togetherness - One team
  • Integrity - Do what's right
  • Winning - Touch lives and achieve goals
  • Meaning - Connect with purpose
  • Fun - Celebrate the journey

The Peak
Care Factor

Care makes students feel safe, valued and respected; When they feel this way, they listen.

At Peak we put our students’ aspirations and goals at the heart of everything we do. Every day we try our best to help our students achieve their academic goals. We really care about what we do and always strive to achieve this. It’s our mission, not just our job.

Results that speak for themselves

Loved by 1200+
students from 60+ schools

Learning at Peak far exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to achieve my academic goals, it prepared me for a life of achievement beyond school.

Zachary – UWA Engineering

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