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Polish your exam technique.
Turn weaknesses into strengths.
Make your strengths even stronger.

40% of your grade is based on exam performance.

Take the complexity and worry out of achieving exam excellence.

Passionate Teachers

Learn weekly with passionate teachers and grasp complex concepts more easily. Surprise everyone with your new test scores, including yourself.

Supportive Tutors

Receive free one to one support with approachable and engaging tutors. Fill in gaps in knowledge as they appear and achieve peak performance.

Inspirational study coaches

Work one to one with inspirational study coaches who can help you take control of your studies and unlock your highest potential.

Master your exam approach and achieve your ATAR goals.

We'll help you reach your peak

Specialist Teachers

Go further, faster with specialist teachers who understand the WA syllabus to a full marks standard. We'll help you succeed.

Structured Resources

Receive structured resources designed to simplify your revision. Resources contain hand-selected exam style questions.

Helpful Study Coaching

Learn down to earth study techniques that will help you accelerate your productivity. Work smarter, not just harder.

Course Options

We offer further course options to keep you in control of your learning.

Term Course

9 weeks of structured weekly classes over the school term.

Holiday Course

9 days of structured daily classes over the school holidays.

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Learning at Peak was a game changing experience for me. Not only was I able to achieve my academic goals, it prepared me for a life of achievement beyond school.

Zachary – UWA Engineering

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