Year 11 Holiday Course

Revise or get ahead with our school holiday courses.

Accelerate ahead of your peers these holidays with advance completion of a whole terms content before the school term begins.

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Maths Applications

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Maths Methods

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Maths Specialist

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I need motivation to stay on track over the holidays.
I wish I had more time to study for my assessments.
At the end of each school holiday I realise I've done nothing.

Boost your performance.

Achieve your study goals these holidays with comprehensive courses that familiarise you to the same style and structure of exam papers.

Save time during the term

Get ahead these holidays

Gain extensive knowledge before its taught at school these school holidays with passionate teachers who breakdown concepts in a way you understand.

Essential Skills

Develop problem solving skills

Learn to solve new, unfamiliar, questions that dont appear in your textbooks. Be exposed to the concepts that will actually appear in your exams.

No more silly errors

Boost your marks

Reach your peak with hundreds of exam style questions. Find the right balance between speed and accuracy and set yourself up to win, every time.

Get a whole term ahead
and stay there.

How we help you reach your peak

Proactive Learning™

Our proactive learning model advances students one term ahead of the school curriculum.

Inspirational Teachers

Peak teachers have vast classroom teaching experience and hold degrees and doctorates in their field.

WACE Syllabus Focus

Our teaching program covers the full WACE syllabus prescribed by SCSA.

Comprehensive Resources

Each week students receive concise and comprehensive resources written by experience academics and WACE instructional designers.

Exam Readiness

All course materials are designed to translate knowledge and understanding into exam excellence.

Weekly Reporting

Weekly tracking of grades and feedback keep students in control of their learning.

Course Options

Advance one term ahead of your peers. Peak offers two term course options for students to manage their time.

Term Course

9 weeks (during school term)
For students who want timely delivery of course content for comprehensive
understanding over the regular school term

Holiday Course

9 days (during school holidays)
For students who want to save time with advance completion of a whole terms content
over the school holidays; or for students who have missed a previous term course

Peak offers various exam prep courses for students to revise

Exam Prep Course

Sem 1 Exams & Sem 2 Exams
For students wanting to revise, consolidate and master their exam technique before
undertaking their exams at school.

Results that speak for themselves

Loved by 1200+
students from 60+ schools

“I am so happy that I took up Peak courses as they gave me the extra edge needed to get into medicine.”

Bonnie – Curtin Medicine

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