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Accelerate your learning these holidays.

Get proactive and advance one term ahead of school these holidays!

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Maths Methods

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Maths Specialist

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Take control of your studies.
Achieve your academic goals.

Use your time wisely these holidays.

Turn your goals into reality with likeminded peers each day.

Passionate Teachers

Learn daily with passionate teachers and grasp complex concepts more easily. Surprise everyone with your results next term, including yourself.

Supportive Tutors

Receive free one to one support with approachable and engaging tutors. Fill in gaps in knowledge as they appear and achieve peak performance.

Inspirational study coaches

Work one to one with inspirational study coaches who can help you take control of your studies and unlock your highest potential.

Get a whole term ahead
and stay there.

We'll help you reach your peak

Passionate Teachers

Passionate teachers who are great communicators. Subject-matter experts who really care for you and can explain tricky concepts clearly.

Supportive Tutors

Engaging tutors who are knowledgeable and friendly. Ready to help you bridge gaps in knowledge or boost understanding.

Inspirational Coaches

Inspiring coaches who can help you take lead of your studies and achieve your academic goals.

Proactive Learning

Proactive learning advances you ahead of the WA school curriculum. Ensuring your always in control of your learning.

Structured Resources

Carefully designed resources are structured to help you translate knowledge into academic success.

Regular Feedback

Feedback is provided to students and parents on a regular basis to ensure you reach peak performance.

WACE Specialisation

Our educators specialise in the WA curriculum. We address every WACE checkpoint to a full marks standard.

Learning Community

Courses are delivered in a relaxed, energised and welcoming learning environment. We make learning fun.


Student performance, is our performance. We closely monitor student progress and provided additional support as needed.

Course Options

We offer two exciting course options to provide you flexibility during the term.

Term Course

9 weeks of structured weekly classes over the school term.

Holiday Course

9 days of structured daily classes over the school holidays.

We also offer

Exam Preparation Courses

Intensive exam revision courses to help you prepare for your semester exams.

What our people are saying.

We help good students,
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Learning at Peak was a game changing experience for me. Not only was I able to achieve my academic goals, it prepared me for a life of achievement beyond school.

Zachary – UWA Engineering

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